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The Corporate Transcendence Team is made up of incredible men and women from a wide range of specialties and experience. One thing they all have in common is a vibrant passion for creating transcendent healthcare organizations.

 Pamela M. Tripp, MEd, MSOM

Corporate Transcendence Founder & President

Pamela M. Tripp is a passionate culture expert, mentor, author, speaker, seasoned healthcare leader, and an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Company. Investing over 24 years of practical research, Pamela has developed Corporate Transcendence, a transformational curriculum, for organizational excellence that guarantees sustainable success in critical areas of Culture, Quality, Finance and Governance.

Pamela has tested her curriculum on ground level and successfully taken an organization with debilitating debt and major operational problems, to become a solvent, sustainable health system, winning over 60 states and national service excellence awards, including Malcolm Baldrige Governor’s Award in 6 short years, and the most Outstanding Rural Health Organization from the National Rural Health Association. Pamela is author of, The Culture Cure: Transforming the Modern Healthcare System  and The Culture Cure: Mastermind Guide.

The Culture Cure shares discoveries as a senior leader and culturist in healthcare, to reframe today's healthcare organizations for transformational excellence. Ms. Tripp has received national recognition and awards for her leadership and passion to transform healthcare in America. Most recently she was honored with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Robert J. Gretyzn Jr. Award for Healthcare Leadership Excellence. Ms. Tripp’s passion is to partner with healthcare leaders, to ensure American healthcare industry will be recognized as the premier model of healthcare for the world.

Heidi Marie Stieber

Director of Operations









Corporate Transcendence Coaches

Corporate Transcendence Coaches are certified in the Corporate Transcendence curriculum and provide organizations the Train the Trainer model for implementation of Culture Transformation Excellence.

Viola Pierce

CTC – Corporate Transcendence Coach








Laurie Scherbekow

CTC – Corporate Transcendence Coach








Melissa Overton

CTC – Corporate Transcendence Coach